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About Stretch IQ

Welcome to a powerful new resource for Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Health Professionals, Personal Trainers and individuals.

StretchIQ has been developed by some of Australia’s leading Health and Fitness practitioners and professionals to provide clinical standard Stretch and Strength exercises for patients, clients and individuals.

Whether for general wellbeing, injury prevention or recovery; and / or achieving peak performance StretchIQ provides access to professional, structured exercises complete with instructions that can be accessed 24x7 online via your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Practitioner Subscription

Hundreds of practitioners are subscribing to stretchIQ to access this powerful resource, enabling them to provide patients / clients with access to a controlled and safe approach to stretching and strength building exercises. 


Access is managed through either a MONTHLY or ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION. Each subscription enables you to set up UNLIMITED patients / clients and issue UNLIMITED stretching and strengthening exercise videos for FREE.



Subscription Costs

Monthly subscription: Was $29.95 + GST per month NOW JUST $19.95 + GST per month
Annual subscription: Was $299 + GST NOW JUST $199 + GST


Click here to SUBSCRIBE NOW.

Individual Access
If you are just looking to access the stretching resources for your own personal consumption click here to sign up now.